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Do you have it, the Christmas Spirit that is?

For those of you that love the fuss, here is a job I just finished!  Christmas is such a fun time of year when you are decorating for others!  Actually, I love decorating my home in any season but this year I will vicariously enjoy Christmas decor through the eyes of my clients.  This young couple just recently moved into this lovely home in the greater DFW area. I was honored with the job of decorating their first Christmas in this gorgeous home. The client wanted Christmas colors of gold, silver, and red.  At first, I wondered how we could blend the three colors in a way to enhance each tone and bring out the best in the three designated areas shown below. So what do you think? Do the color tones work? What’s your favorite vignette and why?

GarrettXmas2015Hutch GarrettXmas2015longshot GarrettXmas2015mantlecloseup GarrettXmas2015plate GarrettXmas2015Window GarrettXmas2015Wreath

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