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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Wrinkle Buster … have you tried it?! -via BuzzFeed

Whoever came up with the idea of just spraying a garment to release the wrinkles is a genius!!!  This is especially true of anyone of us having to get back into the groove of a morning work routine or truly just hates to spend time ironing.  Can’t imagine who that would be … yuck!  Whether preparing for the day or staging a home, can you imagine the time you will save with this product?!  Can’t wait to buy two: one bottle for my business and personal use as well as one additional, whole bottle just for my son, son number three that is … the one who had to be guided to YouTube to learn how to iron!   Continue Reading

Declutter, where do you start?

PicMonkey CollageB.AIt’s now a new year and a chance to get our homes refreshed and decluttered, especially if you might be thinking of selling your home! In today’s market, the buyer is looking for a move-in ready home with plenty of space and storage.  If we take a look around our homes with a fresh eye, or a buyer’s eye, I’m sure we can determine the need to reduce the amount of ‘stuff’ visible as well as what is not visible (i.e. closets, pantries, cabinets, etc) in each room.

Whether you are thinking of selling your home or just wanting to refresh your space, the article below by Laura Gaskill from Houzz.com helps get you focused with tips and a plan to declutter each room, either for your own enjoyment or to get your home move-in ready!  Start decluttering today!

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