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FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT! Purchases are made based on emotions. If the seller’s MLS photos do not immediately catch the buyer’s eye with that ‘model home’ look, then the chance of wanting to see more is extremely doubtful. Great staging sparks the emotions as well as the imagination of the buyer helping to envision living in a staged ‘model home.’ Good home staging is key to maximizing the value of the property and selling in the shortest amount of time on the market.  On this page the RESA calculator below shows the cost savings associated with professionally staging the home to get the most out of your greatest investment.

Service Prices:

Below are a variety of options available to assist you in getting your home ready to sell for top dollar. Keep in mind we are here for you and can work within your budget using these options below.  See anything that works for you; if not, let’s talk!


  • Walk & Talk – After an initial consult regarding your goals and desires for selling, we will tour the interior rooms as well as the exterior helping you view your home through the eyes of the prospective buyer. Recommendations i.e. curb appeal action items, neutral wall colors, removal of furniture and some accessories, lighting updates, flooring, etc. will be included. The buyer is encouraged to take notes. Upon completion of up to a two hour visit, we will have fully discussed what is needed in each room to help you get top dollar for your home. —$195


  • Stage As You Go Or Restyle/Refresh – During up to a two hour restyle, we will assess your property to determine how best to show off the attributes of house. Together we will rearrange rooms for the greatest impact to help draw in the buyer as we get your property photo-ready. –$265


  • Walk & Talk plus Action List  – A detailed, written checklist can be provided for the DIY’er (no staging involved) after the consultation within a few days, with specific suggestions room by room to enhance and maximize the price of your home. Recommendations i.e. curb appeal action items, neutral wall colors, removal of furniture and some accessories, lighting updates, flooring, etc. will be included.  A collaborative plan of action (timeline) for the homeowner will be generated.  Styled to Sell by Lisa will be available for the homeowners to assist with any questions or concerns, help keep deadlines in focus, and provide up to a one hour follow-up visit to tweak any items needed to get your home ready for MLS photos. —Consultation fee ($195) + $.10 sq.ft


Getting your house ‘model home ready’ is the goal, drawing the prospective buyer’s in as they enter each room with the desire to see more. Check out StSL page  “What does staging usually include?” to see more about staging occupied homes.


  • Occupied Home with Homeowners Furniture and Accessories

StSL will provide an Staging Prep List to get your home ready for sale. When action items has been completed, StSL will display your existing furniture and accessories in the best possible arrangement.

Consultation and Staging Prep List — $395 gets the home reading for staging. In addition;

Staging home when prep list has been completed –$85/hr.


StSL will redesign spaces as needed to showcase each room’s attributes and increase the appearance of spaciousness overall. **Recommendations for updating a room may include some purchased items i.e. art, bedding, linens, etc. Do not forget, you can take your purchases with you!  Or you can chose to rent StSL accessories to update the look of your home.(See Combo Below)


  • COMBO includes Homeowners Furniture and StSL Accessories

Combination staging of occupied home with the owner’s furniture and StSL accessories. StSL will provide updated art/accessories at a two month rental charge to achieve that ‘model home ready’ look for today’s buyer.

Consultation and Staging Prep List — $395 gets the home ready for staging. In addition;

Preparation and Staging with StSL Accessories:   –$85/hr plus accessory rental fee pending scope of project. (Planning, pulling, loading, hauling, staging, then de-staging)



**Personal Shopper: I can assist you by shopping for recommended items. Shopping together is an option or a budget can be provided and shopping can be done for you. StSL will stage items purchased. –$75/hr


Staging a vacant home involves just as much time as an occupied home but with variances due to the selection of the right rental pieces for the best look.  The key to staging a vacant, as in all staging, is to help the prospective buyer imagine themselves living in the home. It’s difficult for many to envision themselves living in an empty space when there is no visual scale to help them determine where a TV or a bed might go.

Prices for rental of vendor furniture and StSL accessories & labor will vary from 1% to 1.5% of the home’s sale price and scope of the project. Initial $195 consultation/proposal will be required up front with $100 credited back upon completion of the job.

  • VIGNETTEStathatosEntryCollage


Are you in need of a refresh before MLS listing photos or an open house? These services are available to homes staged by Style to Sell by Lisa. We will be on hand prior to and during the MLS photo shoot (up to 2 hrs) to ensure that each room shows its very best!--$85/hr


Let’s get you and yours in that holiday spirit!  StSL is available to assist you in getting your home ‘holiday-ready’ for family and friends.  From decorating trees, mantles, table tops and more; we can make your holiday event what you want it to be within your budget! A two hour consultation will determine what your goals and desires are for this special season.  We will review your Pinterest board ideas, finalize your color scheme, and conclude which of your current holiday decor will still meet your goal of a memorable holiday season.  Next steps will then be determined to get your home ‘holiday-ready.’

Consultation Fee — $195              Personal Shoppers Fee — $75


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