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What Great Realtors Know and Do!

Great Realtors know:

  • Professionally staged homes give the Realtors’ business a competitive edge helping their marketing materials standout.
  • Professionally staged homes increase online viewing, expanding the number of potential prospective buyers.
  • 98% of potential home buyers start their search online.
  • Professional photos of a staged home in the MLS listing always help the sell go faster.
  • Professionally staged homes increase the value of the home in today’s competitive market bringing higher commissions and a faster sale.
  • Professionally staged homes create a “I want to live here” feeling leaving a possibility of multiple offers, fewer days on market, a sales price above listing, and reduced carrying cost of the seller.

Other benefits of professional staging:

  • Gives you the confidence that your listing is show ready
  • Styled to Sell, LLC can address sensitive topics with your clients so you don’t have to (i.e. pet odors, clutter)
  • Where spouses disagree, Styled to Sell,LLC can be the 3rd party so you don’t have to appear to be choosing sides
  •  You can use staging as a part of your listing presentation by showing your clients before and after pictures of your listings that sold quickly, and show them you are partnered with a professional home staging company.
  • Styled to Sell, LLC frees up your time so that you can focus on getting more listings by helping you sell faster

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