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Why a Home Stager?

  • Staging is an objective evaluation with written advice for an affordable price!  

Realtors will make suggestions about items that need to be taken care of but are often cautious to be totally truthful with the owner for fear of offending or jeopardizing their agent/seller relationship and reactions such as this. “But I already cleaned and organized, can’t you tell”? As an owner, it’s very difficult to be totally objective about your personal belongings. Many of your most beloved possessions that make your home cozy and comfortable for living can be a hindrance when selling.

  • Buyers won’t think about making an offer until they can “mentally and emotionally move in”. 

That is why it is so necessary to minimize the personality of the home owners so the buyers can envision their things in the house and themselves actually living there instead of you. The buyer’s hopes, dreams and ability to imagine life in their ‘new home’ (your former house) are absolutely critical for the buying decision and are easily ruined by too much clutter, furnishings and decor, dark and dated rooms, or closets and cupboards that are jammed full. Many buyers want houses that are move-in ready and will simply move on to the next house that suits them better. And with a flood of homes/new homes on the market there are lots of other possibilities for the buyers.

'Shopping' within the home brought color to a once "beige-blah" room.
‘Shopping’ within the home brought color to a once “beige-blah” master bedroom.

Home Staging provides the seller with comprehensive, honest evaluations of the home’s presentation. The stager then provides ideas, solutions and techniques designed to broaden the home’s market appeal so it sells faster for more money.

Home Staging helps the prospective buyer see the real house, not the stuff in the house and puts the focus on unique features, spaces, architecture and possibilities.

  • In today’s market, you can’t just straighten the house, sweep the porch and then put up the sign unless you live on another planet. 

It’s a good start, but there’s more to it than that if you’re looking for the highest price you can sell for your home. The way you live in your home and the way you market and sell your house are two completely different things.  After living in a home for a few years or a lifetime–and layering on all those special collections, decorative touches, family portraits and life mementos–our houses really do begin to look like us. That’s great for living there, but it is not great for selling!

  • Why wouldn’t my home make a positive impression—I certainly like it! 

Buyers don’t want to buy our homes just the way we live in them (unless we happen to be a celebrity). Buyers want to buy a house that they can make into their ‘dream’ home. When homes are filled with our favorite decorating colors and styles, hobbies, treasures, awards and family photos, buyers feel like they are intruding on our lives or trespassing on private property as they walk through. As intruders, they won’t feel comfortable enough to let themselves “mentally move into” your home. And if they can’t see themselves living in your home—they’ll never consider making an offer to buy it and make it theirs. How could they? It’s YOUR HOME!

  • So in order to sell swiftly and at the best price, owners need to let go of their home, see it now as a commodity and neutralize, de-clutter, de-personalize their house to get it ready to sell.
Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 7.13.31 AM
Occupied home staged with home owner’s and stager’s accessories.  

To encourage prospective buyers in taking the leap, homeowners need to erase their personal stamp on their house so that they are actually giving buyers permission to purchase their home and make it their own! It’s amazing how many new owner dreams have been squashed because there was too much furniture, clutter, or wallpaper. Don’t make the buyers price erode your home’s value. Most of them can’t imagine what it would look like without all the added attractions and dated finishes. 

  • Sellers have a very difficult time being totally objective.  

This is especially true of their own personal treasures and decorating statements and knowing what should go or stay. Even their best friends and Realtors do not feel comfortable saying what needs to be said. Home Stagers can professionally help show what sellers most likely will never see.

  • The bottom line of staging is the bottom line —your money. Your Home is Your Greatest Asset. 
Think of your house as a commodity or a CD in the bank that is reaching its Maturity Date.  So who has the most to lose if the house doesn’t sell quickly –at the best price? And who has the most to gain by Home Staging? The seller!  A small investment now can reap a larger return in your selling price! ©2013 HomeStagingCareer
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