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Wrinkle Buster … have you tried it?! -via BuzzFeed

Whoever came up with the idea of just spraying a garment to release the wrinkles is a genius!!!  This is especially true of anyone of us having to get back into the groove of a morning work routine or truly just hates to spend time ironing.  Can’t imagine who that would be … yuck!  Whether preparing for the day or staging a home, can you imagine the time you will save with this product?!  Can’t wait to buy two: one bottle for my business and personal use as well as one additional, whole bottle just for my son, son number three that is … the one who had to be guided to YouTube to learn how to iron!  


Thank you Buzz Feed — “I have no time, room, or desire to iron my clothes, so Downy Wrinkle Releaser is a godsend. Even if a shirt sat crumpled in a (clean) laundry basket overnight, this will remove the wrinkles within five minutes. I don’t know whose soul was sold to Chtulu for the formula, but I’m forever grateful.”

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