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Power of Power Washing!

Hi!  So glad you’re joining me on my first blog. As a home stager, I am always seeking ideas on how to make a client’s home stand out among the many in today’s DFW market.  One of the first viewings of a property is online and each home must shine as did this home when its curb appeal caught the buyer’s eye.

BEFORE – Where trees are near …

So I just had to share an ‘Aha moment’ when one of the most impacting curb appeal tasks made such a major difference to this home’s curb appeal. The home was in relatively good shape including a well manicured landscape. There was only a short list needed to be a stand out in the MLS listings. The short list of “to-do’s” included such items as painting the front door (stain was weather worn), new front door handle, painting the new garage door to match with the other, window/screen washing, etc.  Yet one of the more obvious needs was the need to power wash the driveway and sidewalk. Was it worth it?

Night and day difference when drive was power washed!
AFTER: Night and day difference when drive was power washed!

Absolutely!  Just like in another blog article I found called  “The Pressure’s On”, take a look where you will see additional before/after pics of power washing brick.  This article also guides you on a DIY effort which is great for those that love to do themselves.  This home was done professionally dues to the years of build up. Your home stager can help recommend vendors to take on this job; especially, when you already have enough to do!


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